About SCC

South Side Community Coalition Committees:

Economic Development:

This committee creates (with the assistance of the board) and monitors the Coalition's strategic plan. It is responsible for public relations and marketing, identifies partners to assit with projects, and secures project- specific funding. Some projects that fall within this committee include the development of the Communication Center, the food coop and Green infrastructure grants to local businesses.

Cultural/Education Committee:      

Uses different mediums of communication, technology and multiple art forms to create a sense of community on the South Side while also informing, educating, and training its residents. Projects that fall within the purview of this committee include programming at the Communication Center, the South side Film festival and the Salina Wireless Connect project. Past projects include The Stand Newspaper, Kuumba Art Education program, South Side Art and Music Festival, South Africa Meets the South Side Initiative, "Technology as Public Good" training and volunteer assistance to the SU SSI Black History Preservation Project.

Fundraising Committee:

Raises discretionary funds for the Coalition and assisting the Economic Development committee identify funding opportunities. Events have included an awards dinner, yard sales and a cocktail party.
Finance Committee:
Works with the Coalition's accountants to accurately report Coalition finances and assist accountants with the development of year-end financial reports.